John Meade is a graduate of the Georgetown Law Center, where he earned an LL.B, and of Marquette University, where a Bachelor of Science was conferred upon him. A former officer in the US Naval Reserve, he has since served as partner in well-known law firms, including Graham & James; Hill, Betts & Nash; and O'Connor & Hannan. John joined "K" Line America, Inc in 1994 and today serves as General Counsel.

John’s expertise lies chiefly in transportation, contract, and regulatory matters including litigation before courts and agencies. His administrative/court litigation and arbitration career is impressive. He has represented a variety of US and foreign businesses during his 5-decade career, including successful representation of commercial interests in federal district courts, U.S. Courts of Appeals for the  District of Columbia Circuit, Federal Circuit , Second Circuit, Seventh Circuit, Eleventh Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

John's professional activities include service as President of the Maritime Administrative Bar Association, as Director of the Council for Court Excellence, Faculty Member of the Transportation Law Institute, Chairman of the Water Transportation Law Committee of the Federal Bar Association, and Chairman of the Maritime Law Association Committee on Regulatory Matters.

John's printed works include "The Antitrust Exemption in the U.S. Shipping Act- Should It Be Eliminated or Modified?", "Disclosure Requirements Imposed on Arbitrators in Maritime Arbitrations Under United States Law", and portions of "Williston on Contracts", Third Edition.

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