Experienced litigators well know that once the adversarial process starts, it tends to take on a life of its own; even if there is initial goodwill on both sides. So do litigators know the frustrations connected with court or even arbitration procedures. 

Franklin mediator John Meade approaches his Transportation & Maritime Law practice with decades of experience in business, contract negotiation and performance (as well commercial litigation) in order to give full, unbiased attention to each party’s side of the matter. The parties have the benefit of a “real world” evaluation of their problem with a mediator who has “been there" and "done that” in a broad spectrum of business and creditors’ disputes in courts & arbitrations throughout the United States. John can identify with the parties’ situations while offering them evaluations of both sides of the dispute; and is also able to look forward and foresee what is in store for them if they do not reach an amicable resolution.  The latter insight can be particularly useful and may not be readily available in any other setting. 

Mediation offers a “third way” for Transportation & Maritime Law disputes to reach resolution. Unlike court action or arbitration, mediation can save money, time, and commercial relationships. Moreover, a Franklin mediation gives each party a timely and clear view of both sides of their dispute.